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Fire Place Lodge staff photo from 1958

Adelaide Mershon Cook, Founder of Fire Place Lodge

“Looking Them Over”

a weekly column by Jeannette Rattray (writing as “One of Our Own”)
East Hampton Star, December 3, 1964

Mr. and Mrs. Cook are spending their first winter at Fireplace, in the beautiful house which they have created out of the old barn and carriage house on the grounds of Mrs. Cook’s long established and highly successful Fire Place Lodge. I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon there a week or so ago, and of seeing a great many family treasures.

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Fireplace Lodge Girls Camp, USGS 1956

Fireplace Lodge Girls Camp — Where Does the Name Come From?

Fireplace Lodge Girls Camp was a camp for girls in East Hampton, New York.  It opened in 1937 and closed in 1974.

Well, not quite.  The name of the camp is, and always has been, “File Place Lodge.”  Fireplace Lodge Girls Camp is a name invented by the US government many years ago.  It was created because mapmakers needed a more descriptive name for their maps.  This is the story of how the name came about.
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