Fire Place Lodge Horse Show of 1953

Fire Place Lodge

Welcome to Fire Place Lodge

A Girls’ Camp Overlooking Gardiner’s Bay

Fire Place Lodge, also known as Fireplace Lodge Girls Camp, opened in 1936 in the Fireplace area of Springs, East Hampton, New York.  Thirty-six summers later, after having changed the lives of countless young women, the camp for girls closed permanently.

There is a Facebook group for women and men who attended or worked at Fire Place Lodge.  To visit the group, please click on the link to the Facebook page here.  The group welcomes all former campers and staff to stop by, introduce themselves and explore the site.  There are hundreds of pictures and messages posted by the group’s 125+ members — including photos and video from both reunions.  Please stop by and tell your story!

If you are not “on Facebook” but would still like to re-connect, please check out the contact form by clicking here.

There is a popular article on the history Fire Place Lodge in the archives of the East Hampton Star.  Dated December 24, 1998 and written by Joanne Pilgrim, “Fire Place Lodge: 250 years of History” is a good overview of the history of Fireplace.

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